Our Products


We offer a wide variety of soils from general multi-purpose mixes to specialized blends and custom products. One of the key characteristics of a great soil is that it has 50% air space and 50% soil particles. This allows for the percolation of water and flow of air, both key ingredients in a healthy soil. We keep this in mind when developing all our soil mixes.

Basic Soils: Our topsoil blend, premium blend and screened topsoil can take care of most general landscaping needs.

Specialized Soils: There are many factors in determining the right soil for the right landscape. Soil structure, pH, nutrients and water retention are just a few of the many things to consider. We have developed specialized soils from years of research and experience that can fit most of your needs.

Custom Blends: We also develop our own custom blends because every landscape has its own unique features that need exclusive attention. 

Soil Amendments

Oftentimes, your soil only needs an amendment to make it fertile. We offer a range of soil amendments from composts to blended amendments chock full of nutrients and the right combination of plant material to create a long-lasting humus for your plant's health.

Organic matter provided by a soil amendment is essential to establishing the proper environment for a living soil. Some amendments break down quickly, which is fine for annuals. Coarser amendments last longer, which is sometimes required for landscapes that can't be amended at a later date.

Just as with our soils, we offer standard amendments, specialized amendments and custom blends specially designed for your landscape.

Standard Amendments: Our garden compost, landscape compost and tri-mix fit many soil needs.

Specialized Amendments: We have amendments blended for special soil needs when the pH is too high or too low, the soil is too sandy or too clayey, water drains too fast or too slow and other special needs.

Custom Blends: Many times soils need a customized amendment because they lack specific nutrients or have an unusual problem. Sometimes it only takes a tweaking of one of our regular mix, but sometimes we have to create an entirely unique product for your special needs.


One of the most important steps in creating a rich soil is mulch. All fertile topsoils naturally have a layer of mulch that slowly breaks down and incorporates itself into the soil. Recreating this habitat does more than provide nutrients. It retains moisture, prevents soil compaction, inhibits weeds and much more!

We offer the basic mulches of redwood and fir barks widely used in most landscapes. We also have available some less common mulches like our affordable and popular, but limited in supply, pine mulch.