Our Services can help you

Onsite Inspections

We will visit your site and personally inspect your soil. Our inspection includes onsite or offsite tests, recommendations and material cost estimates to implement those proposals

Specialized Problem Solving

We understand that every landscape is different. We make customized suggestions for your specific problems. Our recommendations can be geared toward your budget limitations if needed

Water Conservation Plan

California may get lots of rain one year and then go dry for several years. Water conservation is a fact of life for living here. We offer specific suggestions that will improve water retention in your soil if that is one of your concerns

We Create Our Own Soil Mixes

If you decide to purchase materials from us, we can customize them to fit your specific needs because we design our own soil and soil amendment blends. Sometimes, we customize our regular blends if one of our standard mixes isn't perfect for your needs

A Living Soil

Our goal is to create a long-term living soil where your plants, microorganisms, macroorganisms and nature's natural recycling processes thrive so that your garden needs less maintenance and care

Sustainable Solutions

Our first preference is always organic to help promote a living soil. However, sometimes that isn't always possible because availability or cost requires more conventional methods. Whatever the solution, we make sure that it is sustainable

Our Services

Travel charges may apply, depending on the location of your project